Have you always wanted to add a second and/or a third PAIR of speakers to your power-amp, mixer-amp, monitor-amp, guitar or bass head but couldn't because your amp was already "loaded down" to it's minimum allowable impedance as it was? The solution was always to either buy a larger system or another dedicated power-amp just to drive another pair of speakers until now…

Introducing the Speakermate by Sherlock Audio Engineering. Speakermate allows any single output amplifier to drive up to six separate speaker cabinets, or any dual output (stereo) amplifier to drive up to eight separate speaker cabinets all while maintaining an optimum operating load to the amp. Speakermate allows you to run more cabinets than you were previously able to due to your amp's minimum allowable load, without shutting down, blowing up, distortion, or generally misbehaving.

Speakermate allows you to finally obtain much needed increased sound coverage, higher spl's with less distortion AND without the additional cost of "strapping" up additional power-amps ($$$$$) with less stress on your amplifier than before.


The long explaination...

In installations where amps are in a remote location relative to speakers, using a Speakermate means only having to run one single speaker cable back to the amp or only TWO when using the dual channel model. Speakermate will operate with virtually any solid-state ot tube amp, guitar / bass / keyboard / stereo-amp / monitor / p. a. mixer-amp head. Speakermate will let combo amp owners finally add a mini-stack of cabinets to their set-up. Speakermate allows the use of several lower-power speakers with higher powered amplifiers. Speakermate allows you to connect up to SIX floor wedge monitors on one power-amplifier - great for bands on a budget! Now EVERYBODY gets a monitor. For church/house of worship installs that require multi-speaker set ups, Speakermate has become THE SOLUTION for contractors & installers, SpeakerMate is the answer, allowing them to do away with cheap sounding “ceiling” speakers and use better quality, full range units for conference rooms, school auditoriums and a-v seminar rooms. Speakermate is an essential problem-solver for music stores, sound-men (and women!) , rental departments. etc.

Speakermate, designed, developed & refined by Gilles Grignon for over a decade has been extensively field tested and up until now only available on a custom built basis. Speakermate is now available in three different applicable models. The MODEL FOUR for mono guitar or bass amp owners who want to run maximum four speaker cabinets - great for building a wall of sound! The Model SIX is our most popular model, allowing you to connect up to SIX speaker cabinets on a mono output amp. Extensively used for monitor amps (running up to SIX monitors-your drummer will thank you!) and box-top mixer amps (running SIX mains speakers) . The Speakermate Model SIX is excellent for connecting from two to six sub-woofers off of one large mono power-amp. Since lo-frequency signals are largely omni directional, why tie up two sides of a stereo amp to power subs when a Speakermate and a mono power-amp will do the job for less The MODEL EIGHT dual channel is popular for larger dj, allowing the use of up to FOUR cabinets PER SIDE on ONE stereo power-amp! That's EIGHT CABINETS parting your hair! The MODEL EIGHT is also popular with the use of dual-amp mixer-amps (one for mains, one for monitors) allowing up to FOUR mains and FOUR monitors to be operated with a SpeakerMate Model Eight.

Compatible with speakers of 4, 8, or 16ohms impedance. Can also be used with combo amps that do no have external speaker options or external speaker jack. Connects easily between your amp’s output & speakers using standard speaker cable. Small & convenient-no extra rack space to tie up. Easily fits into a guitar case, gig bag, soundman’s toolbox or tucked away in the back of a combo amp. Speakermate doesn’t draw or require any batteries or ac adaptors for operation. Innovative Canadian designed & individually hand built in our own Cornwall, Ontario, Canada shop, with premium grade U.S., Canadian and European components and point-to-point mil-spec assembly techniques for reliably consistent performance. No parts of dubious or suspect reliability are used. Even our die-cast metal enclosures are chemically sealed, protecting the SpeakerMate’s impedance switching circuitry against enviromental elements. Since SpeakerMate offers a VAST number of connection “scenarios”, we suggest you view the Diagrams to see which one matches your proposed setup. VERY detailed & thorough connection instructions are included with every specific SpeakerMate model purchase and is available via email before hand, so you can confirm the appropriate SpeakerMate model will do what you need for your application.

Although the SpeakerMate primary design function is to allow as wide a range of multiple speaker combinations as possible with many amps, it DOES perform a number of multiple impedance matching functions as well, (EPI-equalized power input-mode) . By plugging your matched impedance speakers and the “mismatched” one into their appropriately designated jacks (no need to set any switches or using “mystery” wires here) SpeakerMate does all the clever work, internally. This additional feature , makes the SpeakerMate one of the most value-packed useful and innovative products to hit the market!

However, it’s worth noting that in certain instances where EPI mode doesn’t apply, a very audible mismatch in output volume can occur. This happens when that spkr configuration is out of the SpeakerMate’s impedance matching range. This difference in volume levels usually occurs between a set of speakers and one “odd-duck” cabinet (usually the odd-duck being louder than the rest of the system) However, there are a number of workaround remedies possible for this:

  • In a guitar/bass spkr setup, the “loudest” is placed in the center of the array (in a 3spkr setup)
  • In a guitar/bass spkr setup, the “loudest” is placed on the “bottom” of the stack
  • In a guitar/bass spkr setup, the “loudest” is placed at the far end of the stage, so the bassist can hear the guitarist at the opposite end of the stage (or vice versa) without having to send each others signal into the monitors
  • In a monitor setup, the “loudest” is placed nearest the drummer (instead of at the front of the stage with the “regular” monitors)
  • In a P. A. setup, the “lower” volume spkr (s) can be installed in the remote locations
  • In a P. A. setup, the “loudest” spkr (s) can be installed in the higher/long throw locations
  • In a studio setup, the “loudest” is the one that “goes” into the isolation booth for close miking, away from the “regular” cabs in the main room

Referring to the graphics: all impedances were measured, repeatedly, using real, speakers, under actual operating conditions (not calculations) AND cross-checked (again, repeatedly) in our own shop using our B&K equipped test bench.

All SpeakerMate circuit design specifics, proprietary concepts and applications are copyright and enforced under Canadian registration no’s 891318750, 1147350, 14604280, International Patents Pending.

SpeakerMate was designed to allow connecting a wide array of multiple, impedance matched speaker cabinet pairs as well as some mismatched impedance triple-cabinet setups to just about any amplifier available today. Through the use of Self-Switching-Topology, SpeakerMate allows a multitude of speaker hookups (“scenarios”) in series, parallel, series-parallel and parallel-series (or combinations of these) . SST also maintains an optimum load to the power amp in the event of a speaker failure. SST draws no other power from your amp than the “draw” from your present or future speaker additions. Immeasurable THD and virtually the same S/N ratio regardless whether Speakermate is connected to your system or not.

SpeakerMate’s compact design, eliminates the need for cumbersome, confusing, (which wire is which on a darkened stage?) spliced up, unreliable external wired “bundles of spaghetti” previously attempted to achieve some kind of similar results (often with near-disasterous conclusions) Who needs THAT hassle? With SpeakerMate, you can just plug in any standard ¼” plug terminated speaker cable and, available soon with Neutrik Speakon connectors for heavy duty applications.

SpeakerMate is also an invaluable tool for “golden-eared” guitarists. They can now evaluate the sonic differences imparted on their tone by allowing several combinations of speaker cabinets with various impedances to be used simultaneously on their tube amps. As well, in the recording studio, Speakermate can be used to audition several speaker setups in an effort to “nail” that Tone you want to record. An added benefit of Speakermate's clever design is a slightly enhanced warm, low-end response when connected to many of today's "dry" sounding digital power-amplifiers.

For guitar stores, SpeakerMate is a timesaver, allowing players to demo multiple speaker cabs on the same amp, at the same time, helping them in their quest for the right combination.

For musicians playing a number of different sized venues, SpeakerMate can be used to add that “extra” speaker cabinet to your amp and position it at the other of the stage so the guitarist can hear you (or vice versa!) . For smaller gigs, you can safely leave SpeakerMate connected to your present setup and when the need arises, just plug in and you’re good to go.

SpeakerMate’s simply clever circuit design offers offers guitarists, bassists, sound operators & installers alike a multitude of speaker configurations from a choice of several different models presently available.

Time & time again, Speakermate has proven itself as an indispensable “lifesaver”, when a “main” power amp had “gone down” during a live performance. On a hastily called break, the disabled power would be set aside, it’s speakers would be reconnected , along with the “secondary”speakers, to the Speakermate & “secondary” amp that was still operational, allowing the performance to continue, with nary a hitch.

Speakermate has quickly become a standard “must-have” item in every musician’s & soundman’s gigbag of goodies (right next to the gaffer tape & spare mic clips!) to pull them out of a “surprise” like showing up at a gig & finding out there’s only ONE “supplied” monitor amp for all OUR wedges? (Did anybody check the contract?) SpeakerMate to the rescue (literally) allowing up to SIX monitors to operate from one mono power amp.